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Here are a question questions that have any asked recently that may help you as well:

Where do Private lessons take place?

Wherever you like, normally students prefer to meet in a local coffee shop, workplace or even at there home. Any of these are no problem as long as both the student(s) and teacher agree to a location in advance.

Are lessons taught 100% in Korean?

Almost, the teacher will only speak in English when explaining areas of grammar and/or in times when comprehension is required. Also in relation to arranging future lessons/payment.

How do I pay?

Either by bank transfer or in cash, the only condition is that payment must be made in full and before the lesson/course starts.

What textbooks do you use?

This depends completely on the level and aims of the student(s), duration of the course and the opinion of the teacher. We have a range of English-Korean textbooks from Beginner Level to Advanced. We also have a number of TOPIK related books and other resources.

If you have any questions, please email us at contact@freshkorean.com Thank you.

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