Private Courses

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Currently we offer a range of different private courses to suit peoples specific needs, wants, and requirements.

All of our packages are flexible and built around a students specific level and goals. You can tell us what area/topic you wish to consecrate on and we will provide a lesson that matches. If you have a special aim/goal you wish to achieve we will plan how we can make that aim/goal reality. In short you are the boss. We want to try and make your time studying with us as simple, enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Private Korean Courses and Prices

Here are the different private Fresh Korean Courses currently available:

10 Hours One-on-One Korean:

Price: ₩260,000

15 Hours One-on-One Korean:

Price: ₩370,000 + Bonus 1 Hour & Free Text Book

20 Hours One-on-One Korean:

Price: ₩480,000 + Bonus 2 Hours & Free Text Book

Each of the classes can be split up into multiple classes, however the minimum lesson duration is 1 hour.


If you are interested in these or any of our other courses please go to our Registration Page.

Group Discount

If you and some friends or family which to learn Korean together that isn’t a problem. We offer discounts for groups to make it even better.

Please Contact Us with your group numbers and we can let you know the possible discounts.


Also if you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

Fresh Korean

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