Details of the Fresh Korean Institute’s Korean Language Courses are now available!

Are you interested in studying Korean? If so why not consider take a course at the Fresh Korean Institute, we are currently offering both private and private group classes in Western Seoul, Incheon and Bucheon. Click here for more information on our locations.

We have private classes starting from just ₩25,000 and private group classes starting from only ₩16,000 (per person, Max 4 students). So it’s not going to break the bank in order to start learning some Korean. For more information on our current courses please click here. (Updated Sept 2012)

We now offer a regular classroom based in Songdo, Incheon with a 10 week (3ohour) course costing ₩330,000 and taking place every Saturday. For more information please click here

Also key an eye out for our free Korean Resources which will be posted here soon, plus our daily Fresh Korean Word of the Day.

Thank you for your time and good luck studying Korean!

Fresh Korean Institute
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    • We have no address currently in Bucheon, we just offer Private Lessons in the Bucheon area.
      The only regular classroom based courses currently are in Songdo, Incheon.
      Also are office (not used for teaching 😦 ) is in Gyesan, Incheon.

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