Rock, Paper, Scissors – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Sunday June 10th

Rock Paper Scissors – 가위 바위 보 (Ga / Wee, Ba / Wee, Boh)

As it is Sunday we’re giving you a bumper three words of the day instead of the normal one. Today’s words are Rock (바위), Paper (보) and Scissors (가위). The western order of the saying these three words when playing the game of the same name is: Rock Paper Scissors, however it goes Scissors, Rock, Paper (가위 바위 보) when said in Korean.

Rock (바위) can be also 암석 (Am / Sog) or 록 (Roc) however 바위 is more commonly spoken. Paper (보) is normally spoken as 종이 (Jong / Ee) or 지면 (Ji / Myeon), 보 (Boh) is more of an informal slang term. Finally Scissors is almost always 가위 (Ga / Wee).

Here is an example video with KPOP group Shinnee playing 가위바위보. (They start the game at 0:35 of the video)

Thank you for your time today and please check out some of our previous words of the day and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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