Taekwondo – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Friday June 15th


Taekwondo 태권도 (Tae / Kwon / Do)

Taekwondo is the national sport of the South Korea. It is one of only a handful of Korean words that are also used in English, generally is the other way around.

The explain the meaning behind Taekwondo you need to look at each character separately. Firstly  태 (Tae) which means the strike with your foot, secondly 권  (Kwon) which means to strike with your fist and finally 도 (Do) which in this context means Way or Method of doing. So together it makes sense.

This concludes our Sports week and we hope that you’ve enjoyed learning how to say and some information about some top sports in Korea. Next week our focus will be on different types of Weather, hope to see you again tomorrow for another Fresh Korean word of the day.

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