Blue – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Tuesday July 31st

Blue – 파란색 (Pa / Ran / Saeg)

Welcome to day two of colors week here at Today’s word is Blue or 파란색 in Korean. The color Blue features in a number of different places within our everyday lives. Here are a few different blue related words:

  • Sky – 하늘 (Ha/ Nerl)
  • Sapphire – 사파이어 (Sa / Pa/ Ee/ Ah)
  • Blueberries – 블루베리 (Berl / Lu / Bae / Ree)
  • Jeans – 청바지 (Chong / Ba / Jee)
  • Smurfs – 스머프 (Ser / Mo/ Per)

Thank you for your time today and please return tomorrow for color number three.

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