South Korean Newbie ₩20,000 Trial Lesson Offer in Incheon & Bucheon plus Free T-Money Card

Are you new in South Korea?

Want to learn a little Korean and about Korea?

Want a Free T-Money Card? ^^

Then why not signup for our ₩20,000 Korean Newbie Trial lesson. We are offering these trial lessons in Incheon & Bucheon but only until the end of the month (start of 추석 / Chuseok). We will keep it very simple and even meet you at your apartment or local coffee shop (as we don’t want you to get lost).

For your ₩20,000 you will receive the following:

  • A 1 Hour Private Korean Lesson

  • A Free T-Money Travel Card (More information here) or FREE Gift / Coffee (if you don’t need a T-Money Card.)

  • A useful list of everyday Korean words and phrases / Worksheets

Let’s start your new life in Korea the right way?

If you have any questions or want to sign up today please email or call us details below:


Call: 070-7390-1719

Or message us here or via Facebook ^^

Fresh Korean Institute

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