FC Seoul vs. Gyeongnam “Watch the Champions” *Fresh Korean Event* March 30th

fc seoul vs gyeongnam event

Spring is here and after hibernating for the winter our events are back, and where better to restart thing than where is all started. We’ll be going to watch the current K League champions FC Seoul playing against Gyeongnam at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. This is our 2nd event going to watch FC Seoul and following the 6-0 game last summer we hope that this one is at least half as good.

Event Details

  • Where: Seoul World Cup Stadium, meeting outside exit 2 next to the outside escalators.
  • When: Sat March 30th, meeting at 1.30pm for a 2pm Kick Off.
  • Ticket Price: ₩12,000 (may change), will be buying on the day from the FC Seoul ticket office.
  • Who: Students, Teachers and Friends of Fresh Korean plus Anyone else who want to join.
  • Optional: After the game we’ll most likely head into Hongdae for some food and a few drinks. Once again anyone is welcome to join.

Map & Directions

You need to take Seoul Subway Line 6 (the brown line) to World Cup Stadium Station in Seoul (월드컵경기장역), when you ranch the station head to exit 2 and we’ll be waiting outside just before you get to the escalators (with a sign). If you need directions from your home area, just let us know and we’ll search for the best route for you. Contact numbers and KakaoTalk IDs will be posted both here and on Facebook a few days before the game.

fc seoul vs gyeongnam event map


Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/events/336819933086522/

Couchsurfing Link: https://www.couchsurfing.org/activity/view/NU5CVK/fc-seoul-vs-gyeongnam-k-league-classic-action

Information on FC Seoul: http://modernseoul.org/2013/02/21/fc-seoul-2013-season-who-where-when-and-how/

FC Seoul Logo


You can bring in outside food and drinks into the stadium, however glass bottles may not be allowed. Contact details for the day will be posted closer to the time but there will be English, Korean and Spanish speakers in attendance if you need help or directions. Any questions let us know:)

Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Logo 2013

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