Hangul Chart (How to say the Korean Alphabet) Free PDF & Video

We are proud to present our latest free Korean (Hangul) study resource the Hangul Chart (How to say the Korean Alphabet). Just like in English the Korean alphabet is spoken differently then it sounds phonically. For example in English the alphabet goes ABC but phonically it sounds like Ah, Ba, Ca (sort of).  The same is true in Korean (Hangul), for example when you read a Korean character alone such as  you don’t read it as G you say 기역 or gi/yeok.

This chart is useful when studying Korean or just using it day to day knowing this list will be great. Such as if you need to ask for a spelling and also when spelling out words such as on the phone.

Also below the download is a video so you can listen to how a native would say each of the characters.

Hangul Chart Free Download

We have uploaded both a JPEG and high quality PDF version of the Hangul Chart for your enjoyment and use.

Fresh Korean Hangul Chart

CLICK HERE for your FREE Fresh Korean Hangul Chart PDF Download



If you learn more Korean we have uploaded many other free resources which can be found here: FREE RESOURCES

For information on our Korean language courses please click here: KOREAN CLASSES

Thank you for your time and please come back soon for more Korean (Hangul) Resources.

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  1. Wow! I knew the Korean language was detailed, but whoa! Thank you for all the material – gotta so much to study before visiting next year 🙂

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