Happy Buddha’s Birthday Holiday 2013 + 3 Useful Phrases

fresh korean buddhas birthday

The long awaited Buddha’s Birthday 3 day weekend is finally here and the weather is great, the mountains and parks are beautiful and the local Buddhist temples look very inviting.

3 Useful Phrases

즐거운 “부처님 오신 날” 연휴되세요 – Have a happy Buddha’s Birthday Holiday
Jul/Go/Mon “Bu/Cho/Nim Oh/Sin Nal” Yon/Hyou/Dway/Sae/Yo.

나무 아미타불 – Korean Buddhist Phrase which roughly means “Come to believe”
Na/Mu Ah/Mi/Ta/Bul

황금연휴 입니다 – It’s a Golden Vacation
Hwang/Gum/Yon/Hyou Ib/Nee/Da

We hope that you have an enjoyable Buddha’s Birthday and 3 day weekend.

Fresh Korean

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