“The Gassy Lady and Step Daughter” Traditional Korean Story plus Free Worksheet 6

gassy woman and step daughter traditional story

It seems like it’s been forever since our last Traditional Story free resource, but hopefully the The Gassy Lady and Step Daughter (방귀쟁이 며느리) is worth the wait.

Here is a brief plot outline (we’ll try not to give everything away):
There once was a very gassy lady who farted louder than anyone else in her village. She even won competitions because of the power of her farts. But she was lonely and so decided to hide her skill. Some time later she met a man and they soon were married. However father-in-law found out about her farting and thought his son could do better. But on the trip back to her village the gassy lady was able to impress her father-in-law and he realized that she was special and his son had made a good choice.
The moral of the story is that everything is special in it’s own way.

The Free Download

To help you read, learn and enjoy this traditional Korean story we’ve written our own version based on the traditional story. Also we’ve made a complimentary worksheet to help with your comprehension. Both the story and the worksheet are all in Korean and therefore are designed for students at a high beginner or intermediate level at least.

Please click here on the image or link below for your Free PDF download, both the story and the worksheet are on the same file:

Korean Story Download

CLICK HERE for your FREE Copy of “The Gassy Lady and Daughter-in-law” – Traditional Korean Story From Fresh Korean


Here is a version in Korean from TV channel EBS:

If we can find an English version we will post it here.

Coming Soon


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Thank you for your time and please come back soon for another traditional Korean story.

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