Weather in Korean Part 3 Practice Worksheet (Free PDF Printout / Download)

Fresh Korean Weather in Korean Worksheet Series BannerThis is part three of a new mini-series looking at different types of Weather in Korean. This series is aimed towards early learners or Korean Language beginners. Learning some different types of weather can be useful in everyday conversation, it’s also useful when building vocabulary and practicing reading. Part 3 is a practice worksheet containing two different questions checking your understanding of the 8 different types of Weather featured in part 1 of the series (Flashcards Click Here) / and also part 2 (Writing Click Here).

Free Korean Practice Worksheet PDF Download

The free download below has 2 questions, 1 matching and 1 filling in the missing words. There isn’t an answer page but if you use the flashcards it’s very simple just to match them together. Like always to available either as a JPEG image or a high quality PDF file (both of course are free):Weather in Korean Worksheet Q1 Weather in Korean Worksheet Q2 CLICK HERE For your FREE Weather in Korean – Worksheet from Fresh Korean


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Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

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