Korean Vocabulary Practice Writing Worksheet 12 “ㅌ” (Free PDF Printout / Download)

Korean Vocabulary Practice Writing Worksheets BannerThis is the twelfth part in our brand new series for 2015 called “Korean Vocabulary Practice Writing Worksheets“. This series focuses on improving two areas vocabulary and writing. Each part looks at one of the 14 Korean consonants and has 8 words. Also all of these words only include a single consonant and are mainly 3 characters or less. This is to help beginners as these words are generally easily to read.

Key Korean Vocabulary for 티읕

Part 12 looks at the Korean consonant 티읕 (It sounds like an English T sound) and features the following 8 words:

  • 타조 = Ostrich
  • 투수 = Baseball Pitcher
  • 티비 = TV
  • 테니스 = Tennis
  • 타다 = Ride (Verb)
  • 타코 = Taco
  • 투구 = Helmet
  • 튀기다 = Fry (Verb)

Free Korean Vocabulary Practice Writing Worksheet PDF Download

The free download below has the 8 different 티읕 words listed above. They are written in Korean and then 2 tracing and then 1 blank. Like always to available either as a JPEG image or a high quality PDF file (both of course are free):ㅌ vocabulary practice writing sheet ㅌ Vocabulary Practice Writing Sheet


If you have any questions, comment, requests or other feedback please feel free to let us know either by commenting below or via Email / Twitter / Facebook.

For the previous part in the series “Part 11 ㅈ” Please Click Here

Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

If you wish to learn more Korean we’ve posted many Free downloadable Resources right here: FREE RESOURCES / YouTube Videos Here

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