Election Day – Beginner Korean Conversation (Free Printout / Download)

Election Day Conversation Beginner - Fresh Korean

Welcome to the first part in a new series of short Korean Conversations. They will be at a few different levels to match different peoples skills. They’ll also be on a number of different topics. This part is a short beginner level conversation between two friends, talking about an Election Day.

Free Download / Printout of “Election Day – Beginner Korean Conversation”

Election Day Korean Conversation Beginner

Below we have a JPEG image of the Election Day Beginner level Conversation, as well as a higher quality full file PDF copy below. Both are of course free for personal use, we hope you enjoy and find the conversation useful:

CLICK HERE  to Download your FREE PDF Copy of “Election Day – Basic Korean Conversation by Fresh Korean


If you have any questions, comment, requests or other feedback please feel free to let us know either by commenting below or via Email / Twitter / Facebook.

Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

All of our other Free downloadable Resources are right here: FREE RESOURCES

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