Do you have a pet cat? – Short Korean Conversation 6

Here we have our sixth short Korean conversation to help with in everyday life or just for aiding with your studies.

This conversation is between two people (friends/family/couple) talking about their favorite animals and pets. We hope you find it useful.

Do you have a pet cat? – Short Korean Conversation 6

Here is the conversation;

What is your favorite animal?
가장 좋아하는 동물이 뭐예요?

I like cats.
고양이 좋아해요.

Oh, me too.
오 나도요

Do you have a pet cat?
애완 거양이가 있어요?

Yes, I have a kitten.
네, 아기고아이가 있어요.

Amazing, I’m jealous.
대박 질투나요.



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