Yellow – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Thursday August 2nd

Yellow – 노란색 (Noh / Ran / Saeg)

Well we’ve reached day 4 of our Colors word of the day week. Today’s word is Yellow or 노란색. Here are a few examples of different Yellow related words:

  • Banana – 바나나 (Ba / Na/ Na)
  • Lemon – 레몬 (Lae / Mon)
  • Chick – 병아리 (Byong / A/ Ree)
  • Sunflower – 해바라기 (Hae / Ba/ Ra/ Gee)
  • Butter – 버터 (Boh / Toh)

Thank you for your time today and remember to come back tomorrow for color number 5.

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Banana – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Wednesday July 4th

Banana 바나나 – ( Ba / Na / Na )

Well we have gone for a simple one today, Banana is the same in both Korean and English. Like nearly every country in the world Bananas are popular in Korea but don’t grow natural and therefore are imported. Both of this the cost of Bananas stays pretty similar all year round.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you again tomorrow.

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