Ocean – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Thursday July 26th

Ocean – 대양 (Dae / Yang)

Well we made it to day 4 of our geological words of the day week. Today’s word is Ocean or 대양.

Of course there are 5 different Oceans and here they all are with tranlations:

  • Atlantic Ocean – 대서양 (Dae / So / Yang)
  • Pacific Ocean – 태평양 (Tae / Pyong / Yang)
  • Indian Ocean – 인도양 (In / Do / Yang)
  • Southern Ocean – 남극해 (Nam / Gerg / Hae)
  • Arctic Ocean – 북극해 (Boug / Gerg / Hae)

Thank you for your time today and we hope to see you again tomorrow for our 5th of final word of the day this week.

Fresh Korean Institute