Fruits in Korean – Practice Vocabulary & Writing Worksheet (Printout / Download)

This is the first of many combo worksheets that combine both Korean vocabulary and writing. This worksheet is related to fruits and includes 5 different fruits (Apple, Banana, Orange, Strawberry & Watermelon).

Here is the worksheet, you can either copy the JPG picture or download the higher quality PDF File below. Enjoy:

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Astronaut – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Thursday August 23rd

Astronaut – 우주 비행사 (Oew / Jew Bee/Haeng/Sa)

This is job word of the day number 4. This is admittedly a very uncommon vocation however it something many want to do. Today’s word is Astronaut or 우주 비행사 in Korean.

The first and only Korean astronaut was Yi So-Yeon who’s mission took place in 2008. For more information please check out these links:

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