Wine – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Friday September 21st

Wine – 와인 (Wa / In)

Well sadly this is the 5th and final drink related word of the day of this week, today’s word  is Wine or 와인  in Korean (the pronunciation is the same).

Both red and white wines are easily found and bought in Korea from all major supermarkets, however Korea doesn’t produce very much of its only grape wine. It does however produce Rice Wine (Makgeolli) and Raspberry Wine (Bokbunja) and more. Bokbunja was even ranked number one on a CNNGO list of top Korean drinks whilst Makgeolli was 5th: Full List Here

Korean Champagne or Sparking Wine

We have found some Korean sparking wine and if your interested in trying some for FREE please come to our 1st Language Exchange Party @ Cheap Shots Bar in Bupyeong, Incheon: MORE INFORMATION HERE

Thank you for your visit today and have a nice weekend.

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Red – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Monday July 30th

Red – 빨강 (Bal / Gang)

Welcome to the start of another Fresh Korean Word of the Day week. This week we will be focusing on colors plus different things related to those colors. The first color is Red or 빨강 in Korean.

There are many different Red things in the world but here are 5 examples:

  •  Cherry – 버찌 (Bo / Jee) or 체리 (Chae / Ree)
  •  Strawberry – 딸기 (Dal / Gee)
  •  Chilli Pepper – 고추 (Go / Chu)
  •  Wine – 와인 (Wa / In)
  •  Blood – 피 (Pee)

Thank you your time and we’re looking forward to seeing you again for color number two.

Fresh Korean Institute