Practice Korean Writing – Combined Vowels Worksheet 4 “ㄹ”

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This is part four of our Combined Vowel Korean Worksheet Series. The fourth Korean character we are going to look at is “” which sounds similar to an English “R or L“. This worksheet includes all the different possible combined vowel combinations.

A few example words which include the  with combined vowels are: 레몬 = Lae/Mon (Lemon), 레이저 = Lae/Ee/Jo (Laser) and 뢴트겐 = Rwon/Ter/Gaen (X-Rays or Roentgen). There aren’t many combined vowels which go with the consonant and then most are words taken from English.


Here is your free printable worksheet either as a JPEG or PDF file, we hope that you find it useful:

Combined Vowels Korean Writing Worksheet 4 - R L

CLICK HERE for your Free “ㄹ Combined Vowels Korean Writing Practice Worksheet” PDF File


To catch up with our Combined Vowels Guide plus Alphabet Chart , Part One, Part Two or Part 3 please click the links.

Thank you for your time today and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to let us know.

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