Practice Korean Writing – Free Printable Worksheet 8 “ᄋ”

Hello again and welcome to part 8 of our practice Korean writing series. If you have missed any of the previous 7 parts please CLICK HERE to catch up.

Today we are going to look at the Korean consonant “” which has no sound and therefore is silent. Therefore the first sound is made by the vowel, here are a few good examples of “” being used in the following Korean words: 우유 (Milk), 아파요 (It hurts) and 오 (Five).

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The Worksheet is also a good way of practicing the Korean Vowels.

CLICK HERE for your FREE PDF Vowels Korean Character Practice Worksheet


Check out this video to listen to the native way of pronouncing each of the different characters from this worksheet.


Thank you for your time and please come back soon for part 9. Also if you have any comments, questions or requests please feel free to let us know.

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Blue – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Tuesday July 31st

Blue – 파란색 (Pa / Ran / Saeg)

Welcome to day two of colors week here at Today’s word is Blue or 파란색 in Korean. The color Blue features in a number of different places within our everyday lives. Here are a few different blue related words:

  • Sky – 하늘 (Ha/ Nerl)
  • Sapphire – 사파이어 (Sa / Pa/ Ee/ Ah)
  • Blueberries – 블루베리 (Berl / Lu / Bae / Ree)
  • Jeans – 청바지 (Chong / Ba / Jee)
  • Smurfs – 스머프 (Ser / Mo/ Per)

Thank you for your time today and please return tomorrow for color number three.

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Red – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Monday July 30th

Red – 빨강 (Bal / Gang)

Welcome to the start of another Fresh Korean Word of the Day week. This week we will be focusing on colors plus different things related to those colors. The first color is Red or 빨강 in Korean.

There are many different Red things in the world but here are 5 examples:

  •  Cherry – 버찌 (Bo / Jee) or 체리 (Chae / Ree)
  •  Strawberry – 딸기 (Dal / Gee)
  •  Chilli Pepper – 고추 (Go / Chu)
  •  Wine – 와인 (Wa / In)
  •  Blood – 피 (Pee)

Thank you your time and we’re looking forward to seeing you again for color number two.

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Beer – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Sunday July 29th

Beer – 맥주 (Maeg / Jew)

Here is out quick Sunday word of the day. Today we’ve gone for a classic Beer or 맥주. As the weather is fantastic but a little hot why not cool down with a refreshing beer in the sunshine.

If your interested in learning more about Korean Beers, please check out this link: The Love of Beer is Strong in South Korea

We hope to see you again tomorrow.

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Olympics – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Saturday July 28th

Olympics – 올림픽 (Ol / Lim / Pig)

After 4 years of waiting its time for the  Summer Olympics again. The games officially opened this morning (Korean Time) and therefore today’s word of the day is Olympics or 올림픽. This time the Olympics are being held in the UK capital London (런던).

Of course there are many Koreans competing at the games and we will be supporting them every step of the way during the next 2 weeks.

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Waterfall – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Friday July 27th

Waterfall – 폭포 (Pog / Po)

Hooray it’s finally Friday and luckily the Sun is still shining. Due to the fact its Friday that means that it is also Day 5 of the our word of the day week. Today’s word is Waterfall or 폭포.

The waterfall in the picture is the 천지연폭포 or Cheonjiyeon Waterfall on Jeju Island. It is one of the most famous waterfalls on Jeju Island and in Korea. If you want more information please check this out: Cheonjiyeon Waterfall Tourist Information.

We hope you have a nice weekend and we hope to see you again tomorrow.

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Ocean – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Thursday July 26th

Ocean – 대양 (Dae / Yang)

Well we made it to day 4 of our geological words of the day week. Today’s word is Ocean or 대양.

Of course there are 5 different Oceans and here they all are with tranlations:

  • Atlantic Ocean – 대서양 (Dae / So / Yang)
  • Pacific Ocean – 태평양 (Tae / Pyong / Yang)
  • Indian Ocean – 인도양 (In / Do / Yang)
  • Southern Ocean – 남극해 (Nam / Gerg / Hae)
  • Arctic Ocean – 북극해 (Boug / Gerg / Hae)

Thank you for your time today and we hope to see you again tomorrow for our 5th of final word of the day this week.

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