Red – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Monday July 30th

Red – 빨강 (Bal / Gang)

Welcome to the start of another Fresh Korean Word of the Day week. This week we will be focusing on colors plus different things related to those colors. The first color is Red or 빨강 in Korean.

There are many different Red things in the world but here are 5 examples:

  •  Cherry – 버찌 (Bo / Jee) or 체리 (Chae / Ree)
  •  Strawberry – 딸기 (Dal / Gee)
  •  Chilli Pepper – 고추 (Go / Chu)
  •  Wine – 와인 (Wa / In)
  •  Blood – 피 (Pee)

Thank you your time and we’re looking forward to seeing you again for color number two.

Fresh Korean Institute

Strawberry – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Monday July 2nd

Strawberry – 딸기 (Dal / Gee)

Well sadly its that time of the week again, Monday! However the news is that it is also the start of new Fresh Korean Word of the Day topic. This week we will look at different Fruits.

To start with we have gone for Strawberry or 딸기. The strawberry season happens at the end of spring here in Korea so sadly we’ve got a while to wait until cheap Strawberry arrive again.

Thank you for your time today and if you have any questions please let us know.

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