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Recently we started posted videos onto YouTube for a new series. This is an animated series of videos recapping our Useful Fresh Korean Phrases as well as some of our practice conversations. We openly admit that we’re still learning both animation and video editing however we feel these videos are helpful in learning Korean.

We will try and continue to upload more videos and content over the coming weeks and months in order to help people learn at less a little Korean.

Fresh Korean Animated Videos

Our first 4 videos can be found right here:

This first video demonstrates the conversation found in Basic Korean 1 “Hello / How are you?” FULL DETAILS HERE

This second video recaps Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 1 to 8. FULL DETAILS HERE

This second video recaps Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 9 to 14. FULL DETAILS HERE

This second video recaps Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 15 to 19. FULL DETAILS HERE


For all of our videos please check out our YOUTUBE HOME.

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Parts of the Body in Korean Vocabulary and Annotated Picture

Firstly we full admit that none of us are artists and sadly the picture that we’ve drawn is pretty awful. It has been likened to a 7 year old’s homework, however the main thing is the Korean Vocabulary surrounding the Annotated Picture.

As you can see below, the picture features 19 different body parts plus the word for body which gives you 20 body related Korean words. Plus there is also a downloadable PDF version below, thank you and enjoy:

Click Here for your PDF copy of the Annotated Korean Body

Thank you for your time and if your interested is checking out our other FREE Resources please CLICK HERE. This also will not be the last poorly draw picture we plan on providing the world with many more.

Also details of our Korean Courses can be found HERE.

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