Yellow – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Thursday August 2nd

Yellow – 노란색 (Noh / Ran / Saeg)

Well we’ve reached day 4 of our Colors word of the day week. Today’s word is Yellow or 노란색. Here are a few examples of different Yellow related words:

  • Banana – 바나나 (Ba / Na/ Na)
  • Lemon – 레몬 (Lae / Mon)
  • Chick – 병아리 (Byong / A/ Ree)
  • Sunflower – 해바라기 (Hae / Ba/ Ra/ Gee)
  • Butter – 버터 (Boh / Toh)

Thank you for your time today and remember to come back tomorrow for color number 5.

Fresh Korean Institute