Chuseok – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Sunday September 30th

Chuseok – 추석 (Chu / Seok)

Here is your very quick and apt Sunday Fresh Korean word of the day. Today’s word is of course Chuseok or 추석 in Korean or Harvest Festival in English.

If you want to learn more about Chuseok here is a useful link: What is Chuseok

Have a Chuseok nice weekend.

Fresh Korean Institute

Rubber Duck – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Friday September 28th

Rubber Duck – 고무 오리 (Go/Mu  Oh/Ree)

Welcome back for this weeks final bathroom related word of the day. Moving along from yesterdays word Toilet Paper we have a bathroom favorite for many kids around the world Rubber Duck or 고무 오리 in Korean.

Thank you for your time today and we wish everyone a very enjoy Chuseok Weekend.

Fresh Korean Institute