Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 1 – 8 (Hangul, English, Romanized)

Over the past week we’ve started a new series on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Everyday we post a new useful word / phrase which we hope anyone studying Korean or living / visiting Korea might find useful. Here is a recap of what we’ve posted, phrases 1 to 8.

Fresh Korean Phrase 1 – Thank You

Thank You in Korean - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 2 – How Are You?

How Are You in Korean - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 3 – The Weather is Nice Today

The Weather is Nice Today - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 4 – Hi

Hi in Korean - Fresh Korean

This should be used with close friends and children. It might sound strange if you said this to an older person, teacher or boss.

Fresh Korean Phrase 5 – What Time Is It?

What Time Is It - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 6 – Hello

Hello in Korean - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 7 – It’s Very Fun

It's Very Fun - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 8 – Nice To Meet You

Nice To Meet You Fresh Korean

This phrase is semi-formal and it would be used when meeting someone of a similar age and/or position for the first time.


Here is a video recap of these phrases presented by Talking Strawberry:


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Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

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Basic Korean Conversation 1 – Hello / How are you? (Free Printout / Download)

Hello How are you Basic Korean Conversation

This is the first part of our Basic Korean Conversation series, we hope you enjoy this free Korean conversational printout / download. This particular conversation focuses on a brief meeting between two friends/coworkers, and shows phrases such as Hello, How are you? and Goodbye.

Please enjoy either the JPEG or PDF versions below:

CLICK HERE for your FREE PDF DOWNLOAD of Basic Korean Practice Conversation 1 – Hello How Are You

Animated Video of Basic Korean Conversation 1


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