Jobs / Occupations in Korean Part 1 Flashcards (Free PDF Printout / Download)

Fresh Korean Jobs Occupations in Korean Worksheet Series BannerThis is part one of a new mini-series looking at different Jobs / Occupations in Korean. This series is aimed towards early learners or Korean Language beginners. Part 1 is a set of flashcards featuring 8 different Jobs / Occupations. Learning some different Jobs / Occupations can be very useful when talking about yourself or asking other about themselves.

Free Korean Flashcards PDF Download

The free download below has the 8 different Jobs / Occupations on separate quarters of the page (2 in total). They are written in both English and Korean. Like always to available either as a JPEG image or a high quality PDF file (both of course are free):Jobs in Korean Flashcards 1 Jobs in Korean Flashcards 2

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The 2nd and 3rd parts of the series can be found here: Part 2 Writing ~ Part 3 Practice Worksheet

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