Face – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Friday July 20th

Face – 얼굴 (Ol / Gul)

Well we’re finally here, it’s Friday. That means that is it also are 5th and final facial related word of the day. Today’s word is Face or 얼굴 which shouldn’t have come as a big surprise.

A few other facial related words that we haven’t covered are as follows:

  • Smile – 웃다 (Owt / Da)
  • Hair – 머리카락 (Mo / Ree / Ka / Rag)
  • Head – 머리 (Mo / Ree)
  • Chin – 턱 (Tog)
  • Beard – 수염 (Sue / Yom)

Thank you for your interest today and just another reminder that it’s now only one day until our first public event more details can be found here: FC Seoul vs. Busan I Park – Fresh Korean Event on Saturday July 21stor check out the poster below.

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