Free Football / Soccer Korean Words and Phrases PDF Download


For those who was unable to attend the FC Seoul vs. Busan I Park game this past weekend, here is a PDF downloadable / printable. The guide includes key phrases about football, football stadiums, snacks, drinks plus all of the most commonly used phrases.

Thank you for your interest and please come back soon for more free Korean learning materials.

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Free Korean Words and Phrases Football / Soccer Booklet at Tomorrows Event

Hello everybody,

Tomorrow is the big day, our first public event (FC Seoul vs. Busan) and to help everyone enjoy the event as much as possible we will be giving out a FREE Korean Words & Phrases Booklet with everything related to the game and football.

For everyone who is able to go we will upload a downloadable / printable copy on Sunday ^^.

If you don’t know about our event well it’s tomorrow and that it’s now only one day until our first public event more details can be found here: FC Seoul vs. Busan I Park – Fresh Korean Event on Saturday July 21st or check out the poster below.


We hope to see you at 6pm tomorrow 🙂

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Football / Soccer – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Tuesday June12th

Football or Soccer – 축구 (Chug / Gu)

Football or Soccer (축구) is one of the most popular sports in Korea and South Korea even hosted the World Cup 10 years ago and reached the semi-finals. Maybe the most popular Korean Football player is Park Ji-Sung who plays for Manchester Utd in the English Premier League.

The photo used (courtesy of Modern Seoul Magazine) was taken during the FC Seoul vs. Incheon Utd K League game a few weeks ago. Although not to the same  standard as the English Premier League it still is a really fun day out.

To learn more Football / Soccer Words please click here Free Football / Soccer Korean Words and Phrases PDF Download.

Thank you for joining us for Sport  day 2 in our Sport word of the day week. Hope to see you again tomorrow.

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