Pen – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Friday August 31st

Pen – 펜 (Paen)

Well today is Friday and that means that it is also the final Fresh Korean Stationary Word of the Day, your final word is Pen or in Korean , which sounds the same as in English.

You may see Pen written as 볼펜 means sounds like and translates into Ball Pen.

If you’ve missed any of the previous 4 stationary words here are link to them all:

Thank you for your time and we will hopefully see you again tomorrow.

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Ruler – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Thursday August 30th 2012

Ruler – 자 (Jaa)

Here is your 4th Stationary related Fresh Korean word of the day, Today’s word is Ruler or 자 in Korean.

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Pencil – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Monday August 27th

Pencil – 연필 (Yon / Pil)

This weeks topic focuses on things you might find in your pencil case. The first word is maybe the most commonly used piece of stationary in the world, it’s Pencil  or the Korean 연필.

Thank you for your time and we hope that you return tomorrow for word number 2.

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