Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 271-280 (Hangul, English, Romanized)

Fresh Korean Useful Phrases BannerIt’s been a while so we thought we’d recap our recent Korean Phrases! We’re still on course of the next target the big 300.
If you don’t already know we upload new phrases on to both our Facebook and Twitter pages a few times a week.
We post a new useful words or phrases which we hope anyone studying Korean, living in or just visiting South Korea might find useful.
These phrases don’t really follow much of a pattern but are often linked to changes in the weather, seasons, events, holidays and more.
Here is what we’ve posted recently, phrases 271 to 280.

Recent Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 271 to 280

A Cup of Tea - Fresh Korean Phrase Card A Fragile Vase - Fresh Korean Phrase Card A Lavish Party - Fresh Korean Phrase Card Basketball - Fresh Korean Christmas Tree - Fresh Korean I Like Your Shoes - Fresh Korean Indigestion - Fresh Korean Phrase Card Is there free wi-fi here - Fresh Korean It is getting dark - Fresh Korean My Feet are Like Ice - Fresh Korean Phrase Card


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Tea – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Thursday September 20th

Tea – 차 (Cha)

Welcome back for this weeks word of the day number four. This weeks topic is Drinks and the 4th drink of the week  is Tea or  in Korean.

As you might expect from an Eastern Asian country Green Tea is the most popular type of tea in Korea. However you can also buy Wheat Tea, Black Tea and others.

Also a reminder that this Saturday is our 1st Language Exchange Party @ Cheap Shots Bar in Bupyeong, Incheon: MORE INFORMATION HERE

Thank you for your visit today and don’t forget to check out tomorrows 5th and final drink word of the day 🙂

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