United Kingdom – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for August 8th

United Kingdom – 영국 (Yong / Gook)

Hello and welcome to day 3 of our countries week here at freshkorean.com. We have again moved West and onto the United Kingdom or 영국 in Korean.

Here are a few major cities written in Korean:

  • London – 런던   
  • Manchester – 맨체스터
  • Glasgow – 글래스고

Thank you for your time today and we hope to see you again tomorrow.

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Queen & Queen Elizabeth – Fresh Korean Word of the Day Monday June 4th

Queen – 여왕 (Yeo / Wang)


Queen Elizabeth – 엘리자베스 여왕 (Elizabeth _ Yeo / Wang)

Today today celebrate the Diamond Jubilee (60years on the thrown) with our friends from the UK and elsewhere in the commonwealth, we have gone for the word Queen or Queen Elizabeth.

The word 여왕 (Yeo / Wang) basically means female king with 여 meaning female and 왕 meaning King. Also Diamond Jubilee in Korean is 다이아몬드 축제 (Diamond _ Chug / Jae).

Thank you for stopping by to learn some Korean and please come back tomorrow for another Korean word of the day.

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