Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 631- 640 (Hangul, English, Romanized)

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For the second time in 2017, it’s Recap Time!! We’ve slowly but surely moving towards our next mini-milestone of 700.
If you don’t already know we upload new phrases on to both our Facebook and Twitter pages a few times a week.
We post a new useful words or phrases which we hope anyone studying Korean, living in or just visiting South Korea might find useful.
These phrases don’t really follow much of a pattern but are often linked to changes in the weather, events, holidays, sports, news, everyday life and more.
Here is what we’ve posted recently, phrases 631 to 640.

Recent Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 631 to 640

computer-fresh-korean-phrase i-can-climb-trees-fresh-korean-phrase martin-luther-king-fresh-korean-phrase my-computer-crashed-fresh-korean-phrase oxygen-fresh-korean-phrase playoffs-fresh-korean-phrase protein-fresh-korean-phrase treasure-fresh-korean-phrase utility-bill-fresh-korean-phrase who-do-you-think-will-win-in-the-playoffs-fresh-korean-phrase


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Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

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