Gloomy – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Sunday May 27th

Gloomy = 음울한 (eum / ul / han)

As the weather as been pretty depressing today we thought that the word gloomy summed up the mood for the day. The Word 음울한 (eum / ul / han) can also mean Dark or Dour, fingers crossed we wouldn’t have to use it much this summer.

Please check back tomorrow for another word of the day.

One comment

  1. I am a very beginner to Korean language and this site looks to be the better one I’ve come across. There is only one problem, the word of the day and other helpfyl words/phrases do not have a speaker so that they can be heard and said properly, so pronouncing them is correct.
    I have come across some other sites and the words are the same but the spelling of them is different and translating the words on google, well that’s not the best resource either, so a speaker would be very helpful with learning.

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