Practice Korean Writing – Free Printable Worksheet 13 “ᄑ”

Please enjoy learning to write in Korean with part 13 which is the penultimate part of our practice Korean writing series. If you have missed any of the previous 12 parts please CLICK HERE to catch up.

Today we are going to look at the Korean consonant “” which has a sound similar to an English “P“. Here are a few good examples of “” being used in the following Korean words: 피 (Blood), 포도 (Grapes) and 파도 (Wave). To practice writing  please either use the JPG image or the PDF link below:

Click Here for your FREE PDF Fresh Korean ᄑCharacter Practice Worksheet

Thank you for using Fresh Korean to learn a little Korean today and please come back soon for the 14th and final part of the series.

Fresh Korean Institute

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