Study Korean in Incheon or Bucheon, South Korea – Why Not Study Korean?

If you’re living in or close to either Incheon or Bucheon, why not study Korean?

Here at the Fresh Korean Institute we offer great deals on private, group and skype Korean language courses. Our courses are flexible and so can fit around your schedule and allow you can study Korean effectively even with a limited amount of free time.

Class can be taken anywhere within Incheon and/or Bucheon as well as western areas of Seoul (we did have teachers in other areas in partnership but not directly related to us but are currently looking at expanding into other areas 🙂 )

More details can be found here:

Private Courses

Private Group Courses

Skype Courses

So if you live in Incheon or Bucheon and want to study Korea, we maybe the answer. Contact us today for more information

Fresh Korean Institute

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