Winter / Snow Korean Vocabulary and Phrases (Free PDF Download / Printout)

Winter and Snow Korean Words and Phrases

As winter has recently arrived here in South Korea we thought that we would make this useful list of Korean Vocabulary (Words) and phrases all related to Winter and Snow. Click Here for a FREE PDF Download Copy of Snow and Winter words and phrases.

Here are the Winter/Snow Related Korean Words and Phrases, enjoy:


Snow  눈 (Noon)
Winter  겨울 (Gyo/Ool)
Cold  추운 (Chu/Un) / 차가운(Cha/Ga/Un) *for drink or food*
Ice 얼음 (O/Rerm)
Christmas  크리스마스 (Ker/Ree/Ser/Ma/Ser) / 성탄절 (Song/Tan/Jol)
Santa 산타 (San/Ta)
Snowman  눈사람 (Noon/Sa/Ram)
Snowball  눈뭉치 (Noon/Moong/Chi)
Ski  스키 (Ser/Kee)
Heating  난방 (Nan/Bang)
Hot pack  핫팩 (Hat/Paeg) / 온습포 (Ohn/Serb/Poh)
Blizzard  눈보라 (Noon/Boh/Ra)
Gloves  장갑 (Jang/Gab)
Scarf  목도리 (Mohg/Doh/Ree)


It’s very cold. 너무 추워요.
(No/Moo Chu/Wa/Yo)

I think is might snow today. 오늘 눈이 올 거 같아요.
(Oh/Nerl Noon/Ee Ohl Ga Ga/Ta/Yo)

Be careful of the ice. 빙판  조심하세요.
(Bing/Pan Joh/Sim/Ha/Sae/Yo)

Do you want to build a snowman? 눈사람 만들고 싶으세요?
(Noon/Sa/Ram Man/Derl/Goh Si/Per/Sae/Yo)

Don’t forget to wear gloves. 장갑 끼는거 잊지 마세요.
(Jang/Gab Ggee/Nern/Go It/Jee Ma/Sae/Yo)

Could you please turn on the heating? 난방 좀 켜 주시겠어요?
(Nan/Bang Johm Kyo Jew/See/Gae/So/Yo)

What would you like to do for Christmas? 크리스마스에 뭐 하고 싶으세요?
(Ker/Ree/Ser/Ma/Ser/Ae Mwa Ha/Ga Si/Per/Sae/Yo)

Do you prefer to ski or snowboard? 스키와 스노우보드 중에 어떤게 더 좋아요?
(Ser/Kee/Wa Ser/No/Ow/Boh/Der Jung/Ae O/Ddon/Gae Do Joh/Ha/Yo)

Do you like Winter? 겨울을 좋아하세요?
(Gyo/Ow/Rerl/ Joh/Ha/Ha/Sae/Yo)

You should buy a scarf. 목도리 하나 사세요.
(Mohg/Do/Ree Ha/Na Sa/Sae/Yo)

Don’t worry, Spring is coming soon. 걱정마세요, 봄은 곧 올거예요.
(Gerg/Jong/Ma/Sae/Yo, Boh/Mern Goht Ohl/Ga/Yeh/Yo)

Isn’t the snow beautiful? 눈이 아름답지 않아요?
(Noon/Ee Ah/Rerm/Dab/Jee An/Ha/Yo)

I’m glad I have a hot pack. 핫팩을 가지고 있어서 다행이에요.
(Hat/Pae/Gerl Ga/Jee/Goh Ee/So/So Da/Daeng/Ee/Sae/Yo)

What would you like to do during the snow day?  눈이 오는 날에 뭐 하세요?
(Noon/Ee Oh/Nern Na/Rae Mwa Ha/Sae/Yo)

What is your favourite season? 어떤 계절을 가장 좋아하세요?
(O/Ddon Gae/Jo/Rerl Ga/Jang Joh/Ha/Sae/Yo)

If you have any questions, comments or requests please let us know.

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