Basic Korean Conversation 9 – May I Borrow? (Free Printout / Download)

Korean Conversation May I Borrow

Please enjoy this our ninth free basic Korean conversational printout / download, which is in Korean (Hangul) and English. This basic Korean conversation is between two people “Karl & Ji Heon” where Karl is asking to borrow something. The concepts of “may I borrow” and “Of Course” can be used within other situations. Also please note that this conversation is a leveled at high basic or low beginner.

Below we have a JPEG image as well as PDF copy below, we hope you enjoy and find the conversation useful:

Basic Korean Conversation 9 - May I Borrow

Click Here to download your FREE PDF copy of Basic Korean Practice Conversation 9 – May I borrow

For all of the previous Conversations and other free resources please check out our FREE RESOURCES PAGE.

Also details of our Korean Courses can be found HERE.

Thank you for choosing to learn a little Korean with us today and if you have any questions or requests, please let us know.

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