“Angel and Woodcutter” Traditional Korean Story plus Free Worksheet 3

Woodcutter and the Angel

Angel and Woodcutter (sometimes called The Fairy & The Woodcutter) or 선녀와 나무꾼 is a traditional Korean story or fairy tale. The story focuses on one central character the Woodcutter (나무꾼), he is a honest, hardworking but lonely single man who longs for a wife and a family. To summarize the story, one day the woodcutter is in the forest working when a deer asks for his help avoiding a hunter. After helping the deer, the deer tells him about an Angel who comes down from heaven once a month to bath in a nearby pond. Also if the Woodcutter takes her clothes she will be unable to return to heaven. The Woodcutter follows the Deers advice and takes the angels clothes and then after meeting her, they fall in loves and love happily ever after. Of course this is just an overview and other things happen in the story.

To help you read, learn and enjoy this traditional Korean story we’ve written our own version based on the traditional story. Also we’ve made a complimentary worksheet to help with your comprehension. Both the story and the worksheet are all in Korean and therefore are designed for students at a high beginner or intermediate level at least.

Please click here on the image or link below for your Free PDF download, both the story and the worksheet are on the same file:

Korean Story Download

CLICK HERE for your FREE “Angel and Woodcutter” Traditional Korean Story and Worksheet from Fresh Korean


Also here is a YouTube video of the “Angel and Woodcutter” or 선녀와 나무꾼 story, for your enjoyment (of course the video is in Korean and sadly doesn’t have English subtitles). Also the quality good but its a on the long side 16minutes:

Here is a version in English, although this one is titled “The Fairy & The Woodcutter”:

Also here is a video of 노브레인 singing a song called “선녀와 나무꾼” (just for fun):


Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please feel free to let us know.

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  1. Oh, I know this! We also have a version of this story in Phil. Folk Lit.! 😀
    In the end, the angel went back to heaven with the kids, right?

    Thanks a lot for the stories!

    • Yes that’s right, however in ours the Woodcutter also joins the rest of the family in heaven.
      You’re welcome, we’re glad to hear people are finding the stories interesting & useful. 🙂

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