Korean Possessive Pronouns Chart – Free PDF Download

This is the second part in our irregular Korean Grammar resources series, this second part one we look at a Korean Possessive Pronouns Chart. The chart shows both the formal and informal forms of each Possessive Pronoun. They are further subdivided into Singular and Plural.

Normally Korean (Hangul) sentences start with a Pronoun just like in English. So this chart is very useful either when speaking or writing in Korea. The only difference from English is that isn’t of having a genderless them, in Korean you can either describe a group of girls (them girls in English) or a group of boys (them boys).

Formal and Informal is very important in Hangul. In general you should speak formally whenever possible unless speaking with close friends or people much younger than you.

Korean Personal Pronouns Free Download

We have uploaded both JPEG (split into 2 parts) and high quality PDF version of the Korean Possessive Pronouns Chart for your enjoyment and use.

Fresh Korean Possesive Pronoun Chart Formal

This first part shows the formal form of the different possessive pronouns.

Fresh Korean Possesive Pronoun Chart Informal

This second part shows the informal form of the different Possessive pronouns.

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Thank you for your time and please come back soon for more Korean (Hangul) Resources.

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