Beginner Korean Conversation 5 – One Cup of Coffee Please (plus Vocabulary and Phrases)

Fresh Korean Conversation - One Cup of Coffee Please

Once again it’s been a while since our last beginner conversation but welcome back for the long over due fifth part in our Beginner Practice Korean Conversation series. This conversation is at a coffee shop and is between, a customer “Jessica” who is ordering a cup of coffee (Cafe Latte) and gives her order to “Employee” (no name given). Employee also asks a few more detailed questions. This conversation can be modified depending on what you want as concepts should stay the same.

Free Conversation Download

Here is the “One Cup of Coffee Please” conversation in JPEG form. The higher quality PDF format is below, enjoy:

Fresh Korean Conversation - Coffee Please

CLICK HERE to Download your Free PDF copy of “Fresh Korean Conversation – One Cup of Coffee Please”

Vocabulary List & Useful Coffee Shop Phrases

Here are some really useful Coffee related vocabulary, some are related to signs and some related to conversation. This is also included within the PDF file above.

Fresh Korean Conversation - Coffee Vocabulary List

Here we have our top five coffee shop related phrases, some are in the conversation whilst some are not. Once again they are included in the PDF file which can be found above.

Fresh Korean Conversation - Coffee Phrase List


If you want to look at Part 4 “Where is the bathroom?” please click here. Thank you for your time today and if you have any questions, comments or requests please let us know.

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