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Welcome once again to another free Fresh Korean resource. Today we’re looking for Final Consonants and all of the different possible combinations. Final Consonants are a very important part of the whole Hangul alphabet system however they are a little more complex than the primary consonants. We’ve split the chart into two parts, the first part lists the different sounds that the final consonants made as well as possible combinations and examples. The second part lists different possible liaisons (changes to the sounds).


We’ll now briefly and simply as possible explain the two different charts and the information included. Firstly chart one:

Fresh Korean Final Consonants Chart

This chart includes 4 different parts all relating to Korean final consonants:

1) Indicative Consonants: Basically what each of the final consonants are based on.
2) Pronunciation: How each of the different final consonants sound.
3) Final Consonants: These are all of the different final consonants.
4) Examples: 2 or 3 different words which include the different Korean final consonants.

Now here is chart two;

Fresh Korean Final Consonants Practice Liaison

This part of the chart features different final consonant liaisons. With Korean final consonants certain liaisons result in changes to the regular sounds. In the above table you can see examples for each of the 23 different final consonants. Basically when a final consonant is followed by a soundless ᄋ the sound of the final consonant shifts to the primary consonant position.

Chart Download

You can either click on the JPEG images above or click on this link for a higher quality PDF copy.

CLICK HERE for your FREE PDF copy of  “Fresh Korean Final Consonants Chart”


Video Part 1 featuring the first 5 liaison parts:

Part 2 Coming Soon


Thank you for your time today and if you have any questions, comments or requests please let us know.

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