Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 20 – 25 (Hangul, English, Romanized)

Once again over the past week we’ve continued to upload new phrases on to both our Facebook and Twitter pages. Every few days we post a new useful word / phrase which we hope anyone studying Korean or living / visiting Korea might find useful. Here is a recap of what we’ve posted over the few weeks, phrases 20 to 25.

Fresh Korean Phrase 20 – Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 21 – Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

Dont forget your umbrella - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 22 – It’s Windy

It's Windy - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 23 – Fork Please

Fork Please - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 24 – The Lemon is Yellow

The Lemon is Yellow - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 25 – That Crab is Red

That Crab is Red - Fresh KoreanVideo

Here is an animated YouTube video demonstrating each of these phrases 20 to 25.


If you have any questions, comment, requests or other feedback please feel free to let us know either by commenting below or via email / Twitter / Facebook.

Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

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