“At the Library” – University Student’s Life Advanced Korean Reading 1

Advanced Korean Reading University Students Life 1

Hello and welcome to a new Fresh Korean series. This series is an Advanced Korean Reading Series which focuses on different aspects of University Life.

In this part 1 of the series the two main characters Min-Ah and Michael are going to the library to study for a midterm exam. The talk about different things such as; studying, plans for the upcoming vacation time and the test. As they are friends they generally speak less formally with either other.

This free download is spread over 4 pages, the first 3 being conversation and the final page has a list of vocabulary as well as a few comprehension questions (in Korean). It is at an more advanced level and therefore maybe a little difficult for beginners to understand fully.

Free Advanced Korean Reading Download

The file is 4 pages long and therefore the easiest way for us to release it is in PDF format (sorry no JPEG this time). Please click on the image below or the link below that.

Free Fresh Korean PDF click here

FREE Fresh Korean PDF Download “Advanced Korean Reading – University Student’s Life 1” CLICK HERE


If you want to learn more Korean, all of our free resources can be found here: FREE RESOURCES

For information on our Korean language courses please click here: KOREAN CLASSES

Thank you for your time and please come back soon for the next part of this series.

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