Korean Numbers Writing Worksheet – 11 to 20

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This is our latest Korean Writing Worksheet Series. This series will look at Korean Numbers and Sino Korean Numbers. In this 5th part of the series we’ll look at the numbers 11 to 20 for the Korean Number System. The Korean number system is a little different from the Sino Korean which we looked at previously. The Korean Number system is used for a number of different things including: Counting, Quantities, Hours (i.e. O’Clock) and more. Also it only goes up to 99 and from 100 onwards you use the Sino Korean Numbers.

Obviously the Korean numbers 11 to 20 are less commonly used in everyday life than 1 to 10, however they are important to learn is some situations.

Free Worksheet Download

This Korean Number Worksheet can be downloaded either as a JPEG image or as a PDF file (below). Enjoy:

Korean Number Worksheet 11 - 20

CLICK HERE for the FREE PDF copy of “Korean Number Writing Worksheet 11 to 20” by Fresh Korean


Here is a video we’ve made demonstrating how to say each of the Korean numbers 11 to 20, enjoy:

Coming Soon


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Thank you for your time and please come back soon for the next part of this series.

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