“The King With Donkey Ears” – Traditional Korean Story + Free Worksheet

donkey earsToday we’re going to look at the traditional Korean story “The King With Donkey Ears”. Basically the story is about a King with secretly has donkey ears, which he hides from his subjects. The secret comes out and the king in the end lives with his ears and becomes a better person because of them.

This is a popular and well known children’s fable here in South Korea.

Free Download of “The King With Donkey Ears”

The full “The King With Donkey Ears” story is available as a free downloadable PDF file, perfect for printing. Also included in that file are key word lists and a basic worksheet;

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD “The King With Donkey Ears – Korean Story” PDF

Here are the pages in lower quality JPEG format;The King With Donkey Ears P1 The King With Donkey Ears P2 The King With Donkey Ears P3 The King With Donkey Ears key words The King With Donkey Ears questions

Extra Resources for “The King With Donkey Ears”

Here is a video of the story in English;

Also here is a video in Korea;


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Thank you for your time and please come back soon for another traditional Korean story.

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