Parts of the Body in Korean Flashcards (Free PDF Printout / Download)

Learning Korean (or any 2nd language) can be difficult and one popular way of making it a little easier is by using Flashcards. Today we have a nice set of 18 flashcards focusing on different parts of the body. From the head all the way down to the toenails. We hope that we enjoy;

Free Parts of the Body in Korean Flashcards PDF Download

The free download below has 18 different parts of the body (split into 2 pages). They are written in both English and Korean. Like always they’re available either as a JPEG image or a high quality PDF file (both are free):

parts-of-the-body-in-korean-flashcards-1 parts-of-the-body-in-korean-flashcards-2

CLICK HERE for the PDF version of the “Fresh Korean Body Flashcards”


If you have any questions, comment, requests or other feedback please feel free to let us know either by commenting below or via Email / Twitter / Facebook.

Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

If you wish to learn more Korean we’ve posted many Free downloadable Resources right here: FREE RESOURCES / YouTube Videos Here

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