Birds in Korean – Flashcards (Free Printout / Download)


Hello and welcome to another free learn Korean resource. Birds is a subject that we haven’t touched upon before, but with spring just around the corner we thought this is a good a time as any. This first part of this mini-series is a collection of basic flashcards with some common birds many of which are found worldwide. Each of the flashcards features a simple image of the bird as well as the spelling in both English and Korean.

Free Download of Birds in Korean – Flashcards

Below we have a JPEG images of the 18 flashcards as well as a higher quality Free Downloadable PDF download link below, we hope you enjoy and find these flashcards useful:

birds-in-korean-flashcards-page-1 birds-in-korean-flashcards-page-2

CLICK HERE for the FREE PDF copy of “birds-in-korean-flashcards.pdf”


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Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

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