Clothes in Korean Worksheet Series – Part 4 Wordsearch / Puzzle

This is the final part of a new mini-series looking at eight different clothes in Korean. This final part of the four part series is a little bit of fun as it’s a wordsearch (puzzle), but a Korean wordsearch including all eight of the items of clothing focused on in the previous parts of this mini-series. This worksheet/wordsearch as always is free and also like the rest of the series is aimed at beginners level learners.


We hope that you find this wordsearch and the other worksheets useful/fun in your studies. Also we’ve changed things up a little for this latest series improving the design and removing the pdf element, just images this time;


Clothes in Korean Worksheet Series – Wordsearch

Here is the wordsearch for clothes in Korean, this might not be a challenge for some but others may find it strangely tricky. Enjoy;


If you wish to learn more Korean we’ve posted many Free downloadable Resources right here: Free Resources / YouTube Videos Here

If you have any questions, comments, requests or other feedback please feel free to let us know either by commenting below or via E-mail / Twitter / Facebook.

Thank you and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little Korean today.

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