Fresh Korean Useful Phrases 191 – 200 (Hangul, English, Romanized)

Fresh Korean Useful Phrases BannerHooray we’ve finally made it to our latest milestone of 200 phrases. Next target 250!
If you don’t already know we upload new phrases on to both our Facebook and Twitter pages ever day or so.
We post a new useful words or phrases which we hope anyone studying Korean, living in or just visiting South Korea might find useful.
These phrases don’t really follow much of a pattern but are often linked to changes in the weather, seasons, events, holidays and more.
Here is what we’ve posted recently, phrases 191 to 200.

Fresh Korean Phrase 191 – Breakfast

Breakfast - Fresh KoreanFresh Korean Phrase 192 – Lunch

Lunch - Fresh KoreanFresh Korean Phrase 193 – Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children's Day - Fresh KoreanFresh Korean Phrase 194 – What are you doing on Children’s Day?

What are you doing on Children's Day - Fresh Korean

Fresh Korean Phrase 195 – Are you are going to temple on Buddha’s Birthday?

Are you going to temple on Buddha's Birthday - Fresh KoreanFresh Korean Phrase 196 – It’s Buddha’s Birthday Today

It's Buddha's Birthday Today - Fresh KoreanFresh Korean Phrase 197 – This Food is Spicy

This Food is Spicy - Fresh KoreanFresh Korean Phrase 198 – I’m Lactose Intolerance

Im Lactose  Intolerance - Fresh KoreanFresh Korean Phrase 199 – The Weather is Nice

The Weather is Nice - Fresh KoreanFresh Korean Phrase 200 – I Want to Sit Outside

I want to Sit Outside - Fresh Korean


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Happy Buddha’s Birthday Holiday 2013 + 3 Useful Phrases

fresh korean buddhas birthday

The long awaited Buddha’s Birthday 3 day weekend is finally here and the weather is great, the mountains and parks are beautiful and the local Buddhist temples look very inviting.

3 Useful Phrases

즐거운 “부처님 오신 날” 연휴되세요 – Have a happy Buddha’s Birthday Holiday
Jul/Go/Mon “Bu/Cho/Nim Oh/Sin Nal” Yon/Hyou/Dway/Sae/Yo.

나무 아미타불 – Korean Buddhist Phrase which roughly means “Come to believe”
Na/Mu Ah/Mi/Ta/Bul

황금연휴 입니다 – It’s a Golden Vacation
Hwang/Gum/Yon/Hyou Ib/Nee/Da

We hope that you have an enjoyable Buddha’s Birthday and 3 day weekend.

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Birthday Cake – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Monday May 28th

Birthday Cake – 생일 케이크 (Saeng / Il Kay / Ee / Ker)

Today is Buddha’s Birthday in South Korea so we thought that a piece of Birthday Cake would be a nice way to celebrate. To explain the translation 생일 (Saeng / Il) means birthday and 케이크 (Kay / Ee / Ker) means Cake, and cake sounds the same in Korean as it does it English.

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